International Conference in Timișoara 23 – 25 May 2023

The primary aim of the event was to promote personal exchange between representatives of the communities of arrival and of origin in order to create a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.

In terms of content, we also hoped to contribute to the participants getting a more precise idea of migration processes in their municipalities, what needs arise for the migrants and what support measures are possible. The event combined lectures (Day 1) with workshops (Day 2) and site visits (Day 3).

The delegates from Germany represented municipal institutions, welfare organisations and Roma self-organisations from municipalities in the Ruhr region, the Family Fund NRW East and NRW North, the DGB project Fair Mobility, Work and Life NRW, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the German Embassy in Bucharest.

From Romania and Bulgaria, representatives of local authorieties and organisations from Timișoara, Bărbulești, Brașov, Fagaraș, Suceava and Plovdiv took part.

The 48 participants also included academics from the three countries. Here you can download the introductory lectures, selected materials from the workshops and excerpts from the participants’ evaluations.

Participants´ impressions and evaluation

Diversity and dynamics of mobility patterns and future prospects between Romania/Bulgaria and the Ruhr Area

Romania: 30 years of international migration

Bulgaria: Recent migration trends and effects 

Typical arguments and scientific findings on Romanian and Bulgarian migration

The Ruhr Area and important regions of origin of Romanian/Bulgarian migration

Transnational migration type

Circular migration type

Transnational life references

Some first conclusions